FedThread was a project for the Center for information technology policy at Princeton University. It was one of several projects that harnessed the power of the web to increase government transparency. That was over 6 years ago, now FedThread is a fully functional digital marketing agency in Brisbane Australia! It is crazy how far we have come. But our principles still stand the same, our ultimate goal is to help people. For FedThread initially it was about shedding light on government activities now we want to help people reach their full potential.

Digital marketing has largely contributed to the most successful companies’ strategies. Imagine selling a shoe without laces, that’s how we view companies without a digital marketing strategy. An empty shell, you need the laces to tie it all up and make it fully functional. It honestly shocks us that in this current day and age of advanced technology people don’t believe in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the single most important aspect of a company’s success. The amount of cases we’ve seen where a company with an inferior product has beaten their competitors because of incredible digital marketing strategies blows our minds. By teaming up with the digital marketing experts from Brisbane, we can bring you one of the best services available on the internet. Although we did almost all the work we liaise with other digital marketing experts to make sure the job is done right and keep up with trends.

People are becoming less interested in traditional marketing overtime, it costs more and is less effective. People are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it took far too long! What people don’t realise is that they have spent so long in denial that it has really hurt their business. Large companies have been harnessing the power of digital marketing since it became a thing and that’s why they are growing at an exceptional rate. But it is never too late, digital marketing is more effective if you’ve been doing it for a long period of time but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start. Wait another 5 years and it just might be too late to start… Digital marketing is an ever expanding field and in 5 years it will be very different than it is at this current stage.

It’s completely possible, obviously if your company or product is good then it’s likely you will succeed either way… but it may take a very very long time! Why would you not speed up the process with digital marketing experts by your side! Make sure you start now to help your company reach its full potential. In our strategies we focus on objectives, so if you aren’t happy with how it’s going at certain stages then you can end the agreement with us. We want to set objectives that are good for your business but also not oversell ourselves so you can know what to expect from us.

Most companies are scared to start but we guarantee once you start you won’t ever stop! Digital marketing will seriously improve your business. There is no doubt.

If you are interested in finding out what we can do for you, get in touch with our friendly team today.