FedThread is a passionate team of enthusiasts who feed off success. We aim to make your company as successful as it can possibly be. We love LOVE to see our clients succeeding and thankfully we are very happy people because that’s just what our clients get from us! For a lot of people it might seem crazy for us to be so passionate about this space and they might not even believe it… There does seem to be a lot of disingenuous people in the industry who are there for the money and generally don’t care about their clients.

We are proud to set ourselves apart from the rest. We really do build a rapport with our clients, to be quite frank it is a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s in our best interest for you to succeed. Most of the people we meet with sign up with us, why? Because our passion is contagious. We really love our job and people can feel the vibes!

FedThread was a project for the Center for information technology policy at Princeston University. It was one of several projects that harnessed the power of the web to increase government transparency. That was over 6 years ago, now FedThread is a fully functional digital marketing agency in Brisbane Australia! It is crazy how far we have come. But our principles still stand the same, our ultimate goal is to help people. For FedThread initially it was about shedding light on government activities now we want to help people reach their full potential.